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How To Register As A New Patient

Welcome to Rydings Hall Surgery, to register with the Practice you will need to complete a registration request and additional information forms. You can also do a Pre-Registration form online

Click here if you are from and living in the UK

Click here if you are from overseas

You will still need to complete registration forms at the practice however by completing the pre-registration information this will make the process smoother. Once your registration has been accepted you will be offered an appointment with our Healthcare Assistant to carry out a new patient health check.  This provides us with up to date medical history and will assist us whilst we await the receipt of your medical records from your previous surgery. If you take regular medication you will be required to see a GP before anything is prescribed.

Our Responsibility To You

We are committed to giving you the best possible service.

Names - people involved in your care will give you their names and ensure that you know how to contact them.  The surgery is well signposted and the doctors names are on their surgery rooms.

Waiting time - we run an appointment system in this practice.  You will be given a time at which the doctor or nurse hopes to be able to see you.  You should not wait more than 30 minutes in the waiting room without receiving an explanation for the delay.

Access - you will have access to a doctor rapidly in cases of emergency; within half a working day in cases of urgency, and otherwise within three working days.  We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those who are too ill to be brought to the surgery.

Telephone - we have several incoming lines and will try to answer the phone promptly and to ensure that there are sufficient staff available to do this (note: all telephone calls at the surgery are recorded).  You should be able to speak to a doctor by telephone when required.

Test results - if you have undergone tests or X-rays ordered by the practice, we will inform you of the result at your next appointment.  If no further appointment needs to be arranged we will advise you when and how to obtain the results.

Disclosure of personal information - in keeping with patient confidentiality within this practice we will only disclose personal information regarding yourself to another health professional if this is in connection with your medical history.

Your Responsibility To Us

Help us to help you.

Personal details - please let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number.

Waiting time - please do everything you can to keep appointments.  Tell us as soon as possible if you cannot, otherwise other patients may have to wait longer.

Access - we need help too.  Please ask for home visits by the doctor only when the person is too ill to visit the surgery.  Most children can quite safely be brought to the surgery by car/taxi.  Please do ensure that your request for a home visit reaches surgery by 10.30am unless a genuine emergency arises.

Telephone - please keep your phone call brief and to the point and avoid calling during peak morning time for non-urgent matters.

Test results - take time to reach us; our telephones are very busy in the early morning, we ask you to telephone for test results (eg blood, urine, x-ray) after 11.00am each day. To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing.  Enquiries about tests ordered by the hospital should be directed to the hospital and not the practice.

Children - please supervise your child/ren so that they do not cause a nuisance in the waiting room or consulting rooms.