Clinics and Services

The service at the practice covers all general medical services including the following:-

Asthma Clinic

All our asthma patients are encouraged to attend the Asthma Clinic for monitoring, further education about their condition and news of the latest ideas.

Baby Clinic

From December 2017 Locala will be hosting baby clinics at the following venues:

Field Lane Children's centre Rastrick - Tuesdays 1pm- 3pm

Elland Children's Centre Elland - Wednesdays 9am - 11am

Wellholm Children's Centre Brighouse - Thursdays 9.30am - 11.30am


For more information please contact the health visiting team on 030 0304 5076

Blood Pressure Clinic

Most patients with high blood pressure are monitored regularly by the Practice Nurse at mutually convenient times.

Cervical Smears

We recommend that all women aged between 25 and 65 have a Cervical Smear every 3 - 5 years.  The Screening Department of West Yorkshire Central Services Agency send invitations for call / recall and send cervical smear results to women in writing on behalf of the Practice


Full contraceptive advice is provided by the practice,

(I.U.D.’s are fitted at the Family Planning Clinic).

Diabetic Clinic

We aim to monitor all our Diabetic patients once a year - with the help of the Practice Nurse, the Podiatrist and Dietician.

Epilepsy Clinic

We hold an Epilepsy Clinic every fortnight on a Thursday afternoon, which is run by a Specialist Epilepsy Pharmacist Practitioner. The clinic aims to look after the general health of patients with Epilepsy as well as give advice relating to medication and interactions with other medicines, such as side effects, driving, contraception and trigger factors. We will invite you to the clinic if you are eligible.

Flu Clinics

These are run annually, usually between September and December. The vaccine is not available to all patients and the criteria is determined by the department of health and can change from year to year.  If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a flu vaccine please contact a member of the reception team.

Happy Heart Clinic

All patients who have or have had heart problems in the past are encouraged to see the Practice Nurse once a year if not seeing the doctor regularly for a blood pressure check, urine test and blood tests and to discuss any problems that they may have.

Health Checks

We invite all patients to attend for a 15 minute appointment with the Practice Nurse every 5 years to check blood pressure, weight and for advice about diet, smoking and whatever may be of concern.

Learning Disability Health Check

Some of our patients with a Learning Disability are invited for an Annual Health Check, with a Nurse and a Doctor where your general health is assessed, blood pressure taken, height and weight measured. An abdominal examination is included and checks are made that appropriate screening for chronic or acute illness is taking place.  We will invite patients who are eligible. (Eligibility is determined by the local authority.)

New Patient Check

We expect all our new patients to make an appointment to see our Healthcare Assistant.  This is an ideal opportunity for us to get some background health information about yourself prior to us receiving your records from your previous doctor.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation afternoon every Thursday from 2 pm – 6 pm.  Our advisor offers a one-to-one appointment. More than one in five deaths in the UK are related to smoking, including deaths from lung disease, heart disease and stroke. Stopping smoking reduces these risks.